Interpreting the Pantone Colour of the Year

The bets are off! Pantone has named its highly anticipated Colour of the Year for 2020 and we could not be more excited.

Tranquil, dependable and enduring, Classic Blue is set to dominate the world of design in 2020 and, while sure to be reflected in our interiors and wardrobes, the colour of the moment won’t go unnoticed by our floral designers either.

Always ahead of the trends, we caught up with our in-house florist Vicky to talk all things Classic Blue.

What do you think of the Pantone Colour of the Year, Classic Blue?

Given the focus on well-being in 2019, Pantone's colour of choice for 2020 isn't entirely unexpected. Classic Blue is wonderfully calming with blue hues being intrinsically linked with a focused mind, sense of clarity and calm.

What flowers lend themselves to the Pantone Colour of the Year?

There aren't many true blue flowers in nature but that doesn't matter - not when the stems are as gorgeous as these; delphiniums, agapanthus, scabious, cornflowers, nigella (including our fave 'Love in the Mist' variety) and hyacinths. Then there's hydrangea too - always a firm favourite in the summer, its pretty petals range from china blue to a deep midnight hue (the strength of the colour blue varies depending on the acidity of the soil they are grown in). The bottom line? There are some seriously sexy stems on the blue spectrum.

Blue and pink flowers


How does the colour trend transcend the seasons?

The wonderful thing about Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2020 is that it really does transcend the seasons. From delicate muscari and scented hyacinth bulbs in the spring to the more dramatic stems of hydrangea and delphinium in the summer. Even in winter, you can choose to add a little of the colour of the moment to your bouquet with steely-blue eryngium or even veronica, which brings not only a pop of colour but lots of texture to bouquets too. Anyone looking to embrace this colour trend with beautiful flowers will be spoiled for choice. 

How can the essence of Classic Blue be captured in a bouquet?

It's not all about blue stems. Classic Blue stands for something more than just colour. It's about instilling a sense of calm and tranquillity. Finding your safe and happy place. Flowers can play a part in that - they're great for mindfulness (if you haven't already done so check out our Mindfloral campaign). We're including more and more flowers that are associated with well-being in our collections such as our Lovely Lilac Hatbox (available from January) which includes a sprinkling of lavender as well as a dried bunch, hand-tied to the ribbon, to help promote restful sleep and reduce anxiety.

Classic Blue Pantone Colour of the Year in flowers


It all sounds very zen! Will bouquets be more relaxed too?

A much looser style of bouquet will be the order of the day in 2020. To achieve a less contrived look, you can expect to see more unruly stems such as clematis featured in our collection.

Can you suggest some designs which embody the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020?

Our Iced Violet bouquet is designed with Pantone's colour of the moment in mind and is perfect for the friend who's obsessed with the next new thing. What's in the mix? For spring the stand out stems in this gorgeous bunch include striking irises and freesia (wonderfully scented for that extra feel-good factor). The blue blooms in this design will be updated throughout the year, so you can always be sure you're getting the very best the season has to offer.


What colours complement Classic Blue?

Shades of blue are easily complemented with a whole host of other colours - it very much depends on the mood you want to create. For a restful bouquet, that induces a sense of stillness, partner them with snow white flowers. For something bursting with positivity, team blue flowers with yellow blooms. Our Sunny Days Hand-tied (pictured below) sees striking blue iris arranged together with a vibrant mix of germini, Sol D’Or, spray roses and tulips – it's designed to bring cheer and instantly boost their mood.

Sunny Days Hand-tied


What would you recommend for a bride wanting flowers to be her ‘something blue’ on her wedding day?

It really does depend on when you’re planning to tie the knot as it’s always best (for both the planet and your pocket!) to choose flowers that are naturally in season when you get married. Hydrangeas are always a fan favourite amongst summer brides. Their oversized, fluffy heads make a big impact in wedding bouquets and arrangements. They also look great when teamed with delphiniums, another highly coveted summer stem, which just so happens to have blue flowers too.

Getting married earlier in the year? Hyacinths and delicate muscari are two types of blue flower that are abundant in the spring. They’re beautifully scented too so will fill your wedding venue with the most amazing perfume. When it comes to blue blooms, winter brides needn’t feel left out either. Eryngium, a thistle like flower, has a steel-blue appearance and gives bridal bouquets a glamourous, frozen look. Fancy something more dainty? The delicate light blue flowers of the Oxypetalum (milkweed) to add a little something blue to their bridal bouquet.



How do you keep ahead of the trends?

We work closely with a trends prediction agency in forecasting key trends for each season, which influence the development of our new designs including everything from stems to packaging, vases and containers. We also create mood boards of key themes, textures and colours which our floral designers use as inspiration at each of our design development sessions. We also regularly visit trade shows looking for new concepts and design inspiration to offer our customers.

What other trends are you loving for 2020?

The other key colour trend which is coming through for 2020 is actually a myriad of bright flowers. Rainbow colours celebrate all types of love regardless of race, gender, class and ethnicity. It's definitely a trend we'll be embracing so watch this space!


One other area of focus for us in 2020 is sustainability. We're committed to making our products and processes as sustainable as they can be. In 2019, we introduced new, eco-friendly packaging, including a biodegradable wrap and fully recyclable gift box - a step in the right direction but we're all too aware that we need to do even more to minimise our environmental impact. That's why we're keeping sustainability high on our agenda as we enter a brand new decade.

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