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RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Discover more about our 2017 exhibit

Stories of Emotion at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Our award-winning exhibit explores the different emotions that prompt the sending of flowers.

Stories of Emotion at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Our award-winning exhibit explores the different emotions that prompt the sending of flowers.

We are delighted to announce that our floral design exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has been awarded a Gold medal.

Entitled 'Stories of Emotion', our award-winning exhibit takes the form of an art gallery and features six floral masterpieces, each one inspired by a different emotion.

Using structure and form, colour and floriography (the language of flowers), our expert florists have translated each emotion into beautiful works of art.

Watch the video to find out more and follow us on social media to discover the true customer stories that inspired each design. 'Stories of Emotion' will be on display in the Great Pavilion at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show between 23rd and 27th May 2017.

'Stories of Emotion' - our RHS chelsea flower show exhibit

Explore The Exhibit

Take a virtual tour of our award-winning exhibit and discover the beauty of each work of art for yourself.

Behind The Scenes

The road to Chelsea isn't always plain sailing. In fact, it's a long process, many months in the making and requires a great deal of planning, preparation and expertise.

Take a look behind the scenes at one of our creative planning sessions where our team of expert florists finally get hands on with a prototype of the exhibit and start experimenting with some of the beautiful flowers we intend to use at the show.

Meet the Designer

Steve Betts is the lead designer behind our RHS Chelsea Flower exhibit for 2017 and no stranger to the competition scene.

Having grown up spending time in his parents' two florists' shops, Steve opened up his own business 15 years ago and is the proud owner of Urban Design Flowers, just south of Birmingham city centre.

Steve's passion for floristry has given him the drive needed to compete in competition floristry. He was the winner of the first ever Smithers-Oasis Academy prize and has been part of Interflora's award-winning RHS Chelsea Flower Show team for the last few years. Steve also works closely with Interflora's Product Development team to create fresh and exciting floral gifts for special occasions.

Talking about the challenge ahead Steve said,
"I'm really excited about this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show. There's a really powerful message behind our exhibit which I think people will connect with on an emotional level. The exhibit will also demonstrate the artistry of Interflora's network of florists. It's my hope that 'Stories of Emotion' will create a talking point for visitors."

Steve Betts
Florist/Owner of Urban Design Flowers,

Flower Content

Our team of expert florists have selected a stunning range of flowers to use within our gallery. We have detailed a few of them here:
Interflora and the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Interflora has a long history of exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Indeed, our very first exhibit - way back in the 1912 - was visited by the King and Queen. In recent years we've enjoyed success after success, testament to the amazing design skills and creativity of our florists.

"Recognition by the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a huge honour and reaffirms Interflora's reputation for expertise and creativity. It demonstrates that each and every one of our florists around the country has the vision and skill to create something spectacular". Rhys Hughes, President of Interflora

Here are our previous year exhibits and awards...

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Capturing a feeling of optimism and confidence, our 2010 floral exhibit 'Progression' was designed by Interflora florist David Ragg.

David opted to use commonly known flower varieties in the exhibit, including hundreds of carnation stems, to enable people to make a connection with the design.

The swirling nature of the circular exhibit encapsulates a recurring impression of movement and rhythm and the vibrant and uplifting colour scheme prompted many smiles at the show.

We were smiling too as the exhibit was awarded a prestigious Gold medal.

"A Sense of Perspective"

Entitled 'A Sense of Perspective' our breath-taking 2011 RHS Chelsea Flower Show exhibit was awarded a Gold medal, in recognition of its outstanding creativity and artistic construction.

Designed by award-winning Interflora florist, David Denyer, the floral installation consisted of nine, seven-foot-high doorways each adorned with many thousands of beautiful flowers, each radiating a different colour.

The thinking behind the concept was that when visitors viewed the exhibit from different angles they were rewarded with a new perspective, a flash of colour or view of new flowers.

"The Message"

In 2012 Interflora returned to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show with a design exhibit inspired by modern day architecture.

Standing at five metres in height 'The Message', combined tall shards of colour with intricate floral detail to dramatic effect.

With clean lines and a contemporary feel, the exhibit took influences from modern day architecture, most notably the Shard building in London.

As in previous years, the exhibit showcased ordinary flowers in an extraordinary way. At the centre of the exhibit was a beautiful, silver birch tree adorned by hundreds of messages submitted by the public. The exhibit won a prestigious Silver-Gilt medal.

"Time Frames"

In the year of Interflora's 90th anniversary and RHS Chelsea Flower Show's centenary, Interflora brought together a team of five of the UK's most renowned florists to design our 2013 exhibit, which was awarded a Gold medal.

'Time Frames' took inspiration from art, fashion and pop culture from the 1920s to the present day creating a seamless passage through the decades and taking visitors on a visual journey through time.

Each florist had their own section of time to interpret and incorporated popular flowers from the era, as well as some authentic props, to bring each decade to life.

In July 2013, we recreated the exhibit at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park where it won a second Gold medal and Best in Show - a real triumph for our 90th year.

Our 2014 floral design exhibit was created by a team of five young florists under the guidance of mentor and RHS Chelsea Gold medal winner David Ragg.

The exhibit consisted of five wire canopies each designed and adorned with beautiful flowers falling in the colour palettes of pinks, oranges and yellows. Common features connect the frames giving the exhibit a clean, fresh and cohesive appearance.

'Succession' was awarded Gold medal in recognition of the floral creativity and artistry displayed in its concept and construction and proved to be a real talking point with visitors at the show.

"Time For Tea"

Entitled 'Time for Tea', our 2015 design installation was inspired by the nation's love of a good cuppa.

The exhibit stood at five metres tall and consisted of a giant suspended teapot surrounded by oversized cupcakes and biscuits all adorned with thousands of flowers.

Bold colours and textures perfectly captured the fun-filled spirit of a summer tea party and the exhibit awarded a Silver-Gilt medal.

"Open Church"

"Open Church" was created by a team of six florists and mentored by Karen Barnes, Head of Product Development at Interflora. All six florists, who were all selected for their passion, floristry skills and creativity, have previously won awards in competitive floristry.

Standing at five metres high, the exhibit was visible from across the Great Pavilion with visitors to the show being able to walk through the floral church and take in every aspect of its amazing design.

The Gold medal winning installation featured two floral bells, beautiful feature windows and three suspended floral chandeliers.

About The Chelsea Flower Show

The origins of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show date back to 1912 when Sir Harry Veitch, searching for a suitable place to host the Temple Show, managed to secure the grounds of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea.

It proved such a good site for an exhibition that the Great Spring Show, which later became known as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, was moved there in 1913, where it has taken place almost every year since.

Today, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is still viewed as the most important event in the horticultural calendar and is as popular as ever. It has grown from 244 exhibitors in 1913 to over 500 today and this year will attract 61,000 visitors from across the globe.

This year the show takes place between 22nd and 27th May. If you are lucky enough to be visiting the show, do come and find our stunning exhibit in the Great Pavilion and meet our expert florists.