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Ordering Funeral Flowers

The funeral director tailors a funeral service to meet the family's wishes. After discussing the requirements, the Funeral Director will take detailed instructions concerning the services and facilities to be provided and then act to ensure the funeral is dignified and that all aspects are delivered to the highest professional standards.

Before ordering the floral tributes ensure you have the following information:
  • The contact name and address of the Funeral Director.
  • To ensure your tribute is fresh and delivered in time please provide us with the date and time for the funeral service. Some of our more complex and larger designs do take longer to create, so it's important that you order earlier for these items.

Placing Your Order

Place your order one working day before the funeral and have your tribute delivered at your chosen time of the day for no extra cost. Our timed delivery service is free for any funeral order.

Funeral flowers etiquette tells us that it is more appropriate to send your floral tribute to the Funeral Director than to a home address due to the upset it may cause. The contact details for the Funeral Director is required. Our expert florists will then liaise directly with them to co-ordinate the delivery of your tribute.

In order to deliver the best possible service, we require both the date of delivery and the date of the service. Both of these can be selected within the calendar. There are no delivery charges with our funeral orders, and delivery at your preferred time of day is at no extra charge.

You will be asked to provide both the date and also the time of the service. This will allow our florist to deliver your tribute in good time. If the service is in the morning, the tribute may need to be delivered the day before.

Within the checkout process it is important to provide the name of the deceased.

It is also very important that we have contact details for the person placing the order. We require a contact telephone number so that if there are any queries regarding the order or delivery of your tribute, we can contact you directly.

Our florists will hand-write your personal message which will appear on a card accompanying your tribute.Your message should be written for the deceased. Great care will be taken with such an important order.

We appreciate that it may be difficult to find the right words to express your feelings at this difficult time, so to help you, here are some suggested card messages.

In Loving Memory
With Deepest Sympathy
In Our Thoughts and Prayers

If you need further assistance with the card message, general guidance, or just a question about funeral etiquette, please call our dedicated support team, who are ready to help, whatever your query : 01 686 9394

Once your funeral order has been placed, the order confirmation number will be show on the order confirmation page:

Please retain this information, as you will need the order confirmation number when making any enquiries about the progress of the funeral order. You will also receive an electronic confirmation via email.

International Orders

International funeral flowers are available for delivery to over 140 countries worldwide. Please take into consideration the time differences when placing your order: All International Destinations >

Advice for choosing the right tribute:

Q: Are certain flowers more suitable to be sent by specific members of the deceased's family or friends?
A: No, it's very much down to personal preference as to what arrangement you choose and, in general terms, anybody can send any funeral arrangement. However, please bear in mind that usually the immediate family's spray will take pride of place, often on the casket.

Q: Can I send flowers to the funeral service that are not a specific funeral flowers/tribute?
A: Yes, you can send flowers of any kind to express your thoughts and pay your respects. However, it's not advisable to send any flowers which are prone to fall over (such as a hand-tied bouquet or vase arrangement) as these can be tricky to display. Our funeral range has been carefully designed to offer flowers that look at their best when displayed at a funeral home and at graveside services.

Q: Is there a correct colour scheme for funerals?
A: Traditionally funeral flowers were sent in red and white, although today you can choose the tribute based on your personal preference or perhaps on the favourite colour of the deceased. You can also choose a colour depending on its meaning, to express your particular thoughts and feelings:

  • Blue flowers, such as the iris or hydrangea, are calming and portray a peaceful ambience.
  • Pink conveys a sense of joy and life.
  • Purple has long been the colour of royalty and ritual. It usually represents accomplishment or admiration.
  • Red roses, traditionally considered the symbol of romance and love, are also appropriate as funeral flowers for their symbolism of strength and courage.
  • White usually makes people think of innocence, reverence and spirituality. For funeral flowers, white conveys modesty and elegance, peace and tranquility.
  • Yellow usually expresses a feeling of celebration. As a symbol of friendship, it can be a meaningful addition to any funeral tribute.
  • Green tones bring with them a feeling of closeness with nature. The colour often brings a message of resilience and renewal.

Q: What type of tribute should I send?
A: There are many different types and designs which may best express your thoughts or that are more appropriate for close relatives for example. Below are some of the tributes within our funeral flower range:

  • Sprays & Sheaves:
    The Spray is a teardrop design. A simple yet elegant design, the Sheaf is a tied bouquet. These designs are often chosen by friends or family as a complement to the casket spray.

  • Casket Sprays
    Casket Sprays are large, often diamond-shaped, elegant tributes and are traditionally the main family tribute as they cover most of the coffin or casket top. The traditional Cross is a tribute often chosen by close relatives.

  • Wreaths
    This traditional circular design is a popular choice often selected to symbolise never ending love and emotion.

  • Hearts & Cushions
    Heart-shaped, rectangular or square designs are often chosen as tributes from close relatives.

  • Posies & Baskets
    A round dome-shaped design, the delicate Posy is a popular choice from younger children or from distant relatives.

  • Special Tributes
    These are examples of designs created to convey a more personal message. In addition to the designs shown here, we can create bespoke pieces which best express your thoughts through flowers - to discuss this service, please call us on 01 686 9394.

Q: How soon should I arrange the delivery?
A: Whilst it's always advisable to give your florist as much notice as possible, we are usually able to offer our funeral flowers with one full working day's notice.

Q: Where should I have my flowers delivered?
A: Wherever possible you should always try to send your funeral flowers to the funeral directors. If this is not possible then you can choose to have your flowers delivered to a home address. It's not advisable to send your flowers to a place of worship or crematorium as there is often nobody there to receive the order.

Q: How much should I spend on funeral flowers?
A: There are no etiquette rules governing this; it simply depends on your budget, as any gesture of remembrance will be appreciated. It's also perfectly acceptable for a group of people - for example work colleagues - to come together and buy a more impressive tribute collectively.

Q: There are other questions I'd like to ask
A: We appreciate that this is a sensitive time, and we'd like to offer you all the support we can regarding your funeral flowers. Our dedicated care team are on hand to discuss your individual requirements and any more questions you may have on 01 686 9394 at the following times:

  • Monday to Thursday 7am to 10pm
  • Friday 7am to 9pm
  • Saturday 8am to 7pm
  • Sunday 10am to 6pm

Green funerals and woodland burials.

'Green funeral' is a term often used to describe funeral services that take a less traditional form. This may mean choosing a location for the funeral service that is unusual, such as a woodland burial ground or selecting a coffin made of material other than wood.

Woodland burial grounds are cemeteries, often privately run, where strict rules are applied. Your Interflora florist will be able to advise you about the most appropriate tribute and ensure that it is created with the right considerations for this type of funeral service.