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How to choose the perfect Valentine's roses

Red roses may be the flower most commonly associated with Valentine's Day but did you know that not all red roses are created equal?

We've pulled together this handy guide to choosing the perfect Valentine's Day bouquet to help you steal their heart on February 14th.

About our Valentine's Day roses

When the occasion really matters, you'll want the very best. We know that better than anyone – after all, we've been delivering love on Valentine's Day for over 90 years. We also know that, when it comes to the most romantic day of the year, the roses have to be ruby red, long-stemmed and large-headed. That's why we've chosen a single rose variety for our Valentine's Day gifts this year; with style, stature and status the Freedom rose has it all. In fact, you can guarantee that whatever design you choose from our collection, your special someone will be head-over-heels with excitement when they receive that all-important knock on the door.

What to look for when choosing the perfect rose


There is huge demand for red roses at Valentine's Day, which can drive up prices. It can be tempting to turn to supermarket flowers or heavily discounted deals online. However, be wary; if there is a big discrepancy in price, it's usually for a reason. Cheaper bouquets often contain fewer roses or roses of a lower grade. You may think you're getting good value for money but a cheap bouquet may lack impact or might not last as long. Consider upgrading to a premium rose bouquet if you want to make the very best impression.


When it comes to impressing your special someone at Valentine's Day, size matters! Our rose of choice has a generous head size and proudly stands at 60cm, dwarfing many of the lower grade varieties often used in supermarket bouquets. With their impressive stature and high petal count, our Freedom roses are the epitome of luxury.


Red roses symbolise passionate love so are the natural go-to flower for romantic occasions. If impact is what you're going for then you can't go wrong with the Freedom rose. Its rich, ruby colour is about as passionate as it comes.


Freedom roses generally have softer buds than other cut roses which means that, as they open, they form full and beautifully shaped blooms. As well as being easy on the eye, our roses are proven to stand the test of time. We know because we’ve vase tested them. In fact, we’re so confident about the quality of our roses, all our Valentine’s Day bouquets come with a seven day freshness guarantee. That’s the Interflora Promise.
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We’ve established that Freedom roses are the best choice for Valentine’s Day but if you want the cream of the crop for your Valentine (and why wouldn’t you?) look for those grown in Columbia or Ecuador. These roses tend to be better quality than their Kenyan grown counterparts. Our Freedom roses are sourced from the finest flower farms in the Ecuadorian and Columbian mountains, where the growing conditions are perfect for producing the premium red roses we know your Valentine is sure to love.

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