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Classic Autumn Bouquet Without Lilies


Created by a local florist
Handcrafted bespoke just for you
Made fresh on the day it arrives
Personally delivered by hand
Classic Autumn Bouquet Without Lilies
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Gift description

The magic of autumn in a wonderfully vibrant bouquet. Made locally by hand – we'll tell the florist not to include lilies.

For this one you can choose the style too: trending or classic. Choose Classic for an elegant, traditional style of floristy, or Trending for a fresh, modern take that celebrates the latest looks in the world of flowers.

All about their Classic Autumn Bouquet Without Lilies

> It'll be handcrafted
The pictures you see here are just examples because every bouquet is a one-off, made by a local florist.

> It won't feature a single lily
No lilies? No problem. The florist will leave them out.

> Don't worry about a bud or two
They'll open up soon, all it means is that the blooms are extra fresh.

> It's guaranteed to look good for 7 days
Anything less and we'll put it right.

> You can recycle or compost the packaging
We like to keep it green.

> It comes with a card
You tell us the message, we'll make sure it reaches them.

> It'll arrive looking its best
No arranging needed, the florist has already taken care of it.

Designed by our local artisan florists


Sheefin Florist, Mullingar


Fleming's Florist, Kimmage


Eleanor's, Tralee


Churchview Flower & Garden Centre, Castleblayney


Fleurtique, Bray, Wicklow


Jazlissa, Clonee Village


Our promise to you

"If your order doesn't arrive on time, or your recipient isn't delighted, let us know. We'll do all we can to put the situation right, or if you prefer, give you your money back."

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