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Natalia Tough Mum

Motherhood Stories: Natalia's Story

24th June, 2024

Motherhood is messy. Fact. It’s complicated and chaotic, joyful and strange. Every mum has her own story, full of twists, turns and plot holes. And you know what? We’re here for it. We want to embrace the complexities of being a mum, the realness of being a mum (and make sure we send a real thank you). That's why this Mother’s Day we’re shining a light on some amazing women doing motherhood their own way, with a series of short films.

Up first is Natalia. Natalia faced a truly difficult start to motherhood. Her twin boys arrived 11 weeks early, and she faced a hectic stint in hospital. Denied many of the usual milestones as a new mum, this Mother's Day is the first she'll be able to celebrate at home with both her boys and her best friend, Lisa, believes she deserves an extra special day.

"Natalia should have spent her maternity leave at home, cuddled up of the sofa with her boys watching Disney films. Instead she spent six months going back and forward to the hospital" Lisa told us.

But Natalia’s story is one of resilience.

Lisa explained "Together we've been doing lots of charity work to give back to the hospital that saved the boys' lives."

The pair have done everything from the Three Peaks Challenge to jumping off a building and organising bake sales to raise enough money to buy an incubator for the hospital where Natalia's sons were cared for.

Lisa and Natalia2

Now she’s back home looking after them Natalia is full of joy, and happily making up for lost time (although she told us the toughest bit is when they’re both crying!) Lisa has described her as a natural, even when she’s got her hands full. She’s hoping for breakfast and cuddles in bed this Mother’s Day, and my word does it sound like she’s earned it!

Do you know someone who’s faced down a heck of mothering challenge? Head over to our social channels because we've got beautiful blooms to give away to those who deserve a real thank you this Mother's Day.