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The 3 pillars of our Sustainability Plan

As a business we know that we’re incredibly well positioned to drive change within the industry. We also know that the future of delivering wonderful moments depends on it.


1. Planting strong roots

We are working hard to establish our baseline data for energy, water and waste. This is fundamental for us to begin tracking and reducing our environmental impact, and to help us set our Net Zero ambition. By continuing to monitor our impact we will also identify and understand where the opportunities are to reduce our impact even further in the future.


2. Nurturing our people

We’re working to build an inclusive company. We are continuing to create a culture that encourages all of our people (both colleagues and florists) to think of every single day as an opportunity to do something better and to make beautiful things happen. We want Interflora to evolve as a space for anyone, no matter who they are, or what their background is.


3. Growing with our communities

The first two pillars of our Sustainability Plan focus on what we’re doing within our business, and our global florist network, to ensure we are working sustainably and ethically. But as a large business, our influence extends beyond the people we have direct contact with. This means we can grow our good even further.

Our Targets

100% of our direct operational energy supply to come from renewable sources by 2023.
4% reduction in emissions per annum for direct operations.
Net zero
Achieve net zero before 2040 for scope 1 and 2 emissions in our direct operations.

We know that climate change poses one of the biggest threats not just to our industry, which is so reliant on nature, but also to the world. Understanding and measuring our carbon emissions accurately will be essential for our Net Zero ambitions as we work to curb our impact on the planet.

Plastics & Packaging
100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, widely recyclable, or compostable by 2025.
circular economy
Implement, wherever possible, circular business practices for our durables to support and further the circular economy by 2025.

The floristry industry has a waste problem. From the invisible waste created by flower transportation, to the visible waste like cellophane, flower food packets and floral foam which is one of our biggest challenges. Take a look at the changes we’ve already made to reduce single use plastics and make our packaging more sustainable.

Sustainable Supply Chain
code of conduct
Implement our Supplier Code of Conduct by 2023.
sustainability criteria
Work with florists to establish minimum sustainability criteria for their suppliers by 2025.

Even before the pandemic hit, the global flower supply chain was struggling with wages, weak social safety needs, food insecurity and poor quality of water and sanitation. To help build a more sustainable supply chain over the long term, we recognise the role we must play in supporting our business, florists and suppliers going forward to help create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

All colleagues and florists will receive sustainability training by 2025.

We know that to create real change within our business and the world around us, we need the support and understanding of both our colleagues and our florists. That’s why we are working to create specific sustainability training that will be relevant for all.

Scope 3 emissions, Charity and Volunteering
scope 3 emissions
Set a science-based reduction for scope 3 emissions by 2023.
Working with colleagues, establish Interflora’s ongoing approach to charity giving and partnerships by 2023.
CSR-ICON-_0010_Asset 11_x2
15% of the workforce volunteering by 2025, through an established volunteer programme.

We will also continue to work with local charities, as well as further developing our charity initiative, Wonderful Giving. Doing this will ensure that as many colleagues as possible are taking part and donating funds to their chosen charities whilst the business continues supporting issues that matter to our local areas.


Our complete plan

Want to find out more about our sustainability plan, our targets, and how Interflora is approaching a fully sustainable future, for our customers, colleagues and the planet? You can download our full plan for a sustainable future here.