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Flower Types

Types of flowers

Flowers come in nearly every shape, size and colour imaginable (mother nature is marvellous!). Each and every flower even has its own meaning and symbolism and unique way to care for it. To help you get to know and love your flowers, we’ve got guides on some of the most popular, including those our network of florists love to use.


Language of Flowers

Did you know that every flower comes with it's own special meaning? It’s known as floriography, or the language of flowers. One flower might signify love, while another symbolises sadness. These meanings might come from the colour or variety of flower, or its history. Sometimes the meaning even changes according to the number of flowers! For instance, one red rose means love at first sight, whereas a dozen is an apology. Confused? Don’t worry we’ve got a guide to help. Soon you’ll be fluent.


Ultimate Flower Guides

Whether you’re trying to identify an unusual flower that’s popped up in your bouquet or you want to track down seasonal blooms, our ultimate flower guides can help. Covering flower meanings, care tips and fun-facts, they’ll fill you in on all things floral.

Flowers A-E

What’s a Peruvian lily? And are anemones found under the sea? Time to find out with our Flower Guides A-E.



With their delicate petals in all sorts of jewel-like colours, alstroemeria are a long-lasting delight.



No, not the kind you get under the sea, Anemones are beautiful autumnal flowers.



So much more than a bouquet filler, this fluffy, vibrant bloom always makes us smile.


Pet Friendly Flowers

They might not always be flower fans, but there are definitely some blooms safe for our furry friends.

Flowers F-J

Do you know your hydrangeas from your hyacinths? Find out with our flowers F-J.



A supersized daisy, the bold colours of the gerbera have made it a modern day classic.

Blue Hydrangea Flowers


Always admired for their classic charm, they never go out of style.



Instantly recognisable, the elegant, colourful iris is a treat in any bouquet.

Flowers K - O

Lovely lilies, magical mistletoe, delightful daffs – we've covered them all from K-O.



They smell heavenly and look beautiful, no wonder lilies are one of the most popular cut flowers.



Commonly known as the daffodil, these golden beauties are the epitome of spring, signalling warmer weather is coming.



They’re not as tricky as people say! Read our guide and soon you’ll be an orchid oracle.

Flowers P - S

Roses are red, peonies are pink, you can learn about both, quick as a wink.

Pink Peonies


The most fashionable flower around, what’s not to love about these perfect pink puffballs? They’re insta-famous, super stylish and just a little bit sassy.



Queen of the flowers, roses are the world’s favourite. Full of beauty and meaning, roses have been used for love, war and everything in between.



The very embodiment of summer. With their bright, yellow petals and tall green stems, sunflowers are used as a symbol of happiness and congratulations.

Flowers T - Z

Last but by no means least.



A stunning spring classic, tulips will always make us think of new starts and fresh mornings (and maybe Easter eggs too).


Seasonal Flowers

Mother nature treats us to gorgeous flowers almost all year round, from pretty peonies in summer, to delightful daffodils in spring, to charming chrysanthemums through autumn into winter. Our community of florists love using seasonal blooms – they don’t just make for a happy bouquet, they make for a happier planet.

Spring Flowers

There are so many gorgeous spring flowers it’s hard to know where to start! That's why we've put together an ultimate guide on our favourite spring stems, picked for their colour, beauty and fragrance.


I love spring! I think for many, spring flowers signal the start of new beginnings. There's nothing quite as uplifting as receiving a bouquet filled with springtime stems.

Steve Betts - Urban Design

Summer flowers

When the (not so) great British weather lets us down, there’s sunshine in a vase. From iconic sunflowers to dreamy dahlias, we’ve collected some of the best summer flowers to brighten their day (or if you want to get real tropical, check out our exotic flowers guide).


Hayfever friendly Flowers

According to the Met Office, 1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from hay fever and with this year’s pollen count on a high, we’ve identified these hay fever friendly blooms that you can still enjoy.

Autumn Flowers

The nights might be drawing in but there’s still plenty of floral beauty to be found from striking proteas to star-shaped asters. Read about our favourite autumn flowers.

Winter Flowers

The weather outside is frightful, but the blooms are still delightful! Whether it’s rich green holly or the delicate Christmas rose, winter has its own floral charms - we've rounded up our top 10 winter flowers to see you through the season.

Colourful flowers

Whether you're a lover of all things green or wanting to add a pop of colour to combat those white-wash walls, we've got guides for that too.

Canva - Woman Wearing White Wedding Gown


Need inspiration for your wedding? We’ve got it all covered, from wedding bouquet designs, venue decoration and even edible flowers.



Struggling with what to write in your card? We’ve all been there, so we’ve rounded up message inspiration for all sorts of occasions.


Flower Care

Want to know how to make your cut flowers last longer? Forget the old wives' tales and follow these top flower care tips from our community of expert florists.