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Wedding Inspiration

The big day is coming and there are big (and exciting!) decisions to be made. We’re here to help with an all-you-need-to-know guide to wedding flowers, decorations and more.

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The Proposal

Spontaneous? Carefully orchestrated? At the top of a mountain? At their favourite restaurant? Sometimes a proposal takes nearly as much planning as a wedding! Big shows of affection aren’t for everyone, so taking a little time to make sure your proposal is right for you both is really important. If you’re feeling a little nervous and are after some advice, we can help.

The most important things to consider when popping the question include:

  • Be thoughtful – when you first get engaged, the question on everyone’s minds is ‘how did [they] do it?!’, so make sure that the proposal will become one of your favourite memories to be shared.
  • Plan something you know they would like – you might enjoy popping the question over a candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant, but if they are a shy person, this attention might be their worst nightmare. Consider if they would like to be asked when you’re on your own, or if they would be happy to be surrounded by people.
  • Try to keep it a secret – you might be bursting to tell your Mum, but if she is someone who accidentally spills the beans at a family dinner, keep it to yourself until the time is right.

Whether you’re planning a grand proposal, a quiet affair or it’s a mutual decision, we’ve put together our top proposal tips to give you a hint.


Choosing your wedding flowers

Gorgeous wedding flowers set the tone for your day, they can draw together a theme and create a romantic and beautiful setting. No idea what you’d like? Don’t panic! You’ll usually have a consultation with a florist to pick your blooms and you can do a little homework to prepare before. Get advice on choosing your wedding flowers.

How to Choose a Wedding Florist

Having an experienced florist as part of your wedding team is a must. They won’t just craft beautiful bouquets, they’ll ensure everything floral runs smoothly when the day arrives. Check out our tips for matching up with your perfect florist. We’ve compiled these helpful hints and tips to help you find the right wedding florist.


Meet one of our award-winning wedding Florists

We find inspiration everywhere; in fashion, nature, art. We use social media to keep up to date with emerging trends and to get instant feedback on new ideas. As a florist, I think it’s really important to be open to new ideas and influences, as it helps you grow.

Charlotte Davies

Choosing a bridal bouquet

It’s the star of the wedding flower show so it’s worth taking the time to choose a bridal bouquet (the bride will be carrying at some rather key moments!) But don’t worry, when it comes to wedding bouquet styles and meanings we’ve got you covered.

Choosing eco-friendly wedding flowers

Your wedding day shouldn’t cost the earth in any sense. From making your own confetti to choosing seasonal flowers there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your wedding is kinder to the planet. Learn about eco-friendly wedding ideas.


Other wedding flower inspiration

It’s not just the bride’s blooms that are important! Learn about choosing

The Cost of Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers can cost more than you think, but they don’t need to break the bank. Here’s a few tips on making sure your blooms are beautiful and budget-friendly.

Be honest about your budget

Once you’ve chosen your budget, tell your florist, that way they can focus on making the most of it rather than suggesting designs that are too expensive.

Keep your wedding party small

It’s simple maths, more bridesmaids = more bouquets! Try to keep your wedding party to your very nearest and dearest or if you really can’t choose between them, opt for smaller arrangements like posies or corsages rather than bouquets.

Choose your flowers wisely

Really popular flowers that don’t last long will cost you more (peonies, we’re looking at you!) Try blooms that look similar, they’ll be just a stunning without a stunning price tag. Check out peony alternatives.

Work with mother nature

Not all flowers are available year round. If you’re after something out of season be prepared to pay for all the extra TLC it’s needed, otherwise stick with flowers that are in season to help your budget (and the planet).

Reduce, reuse, recycle

True in life, and at weddings! Make sure you get the most out of your blooms by reusing them, for instance if you’re marrying in a church, take your flowers along to your reception venue afterwards (they deserve appreciating for more than an hour!) And when the day is done make sure your guests or wedding party take them home to enjoy.

Read more about wedding flowers on a budget.


Getting lost among the flowers?

It can be a lot to take in. That’s why we created a downloadable, printable planner to help you keep track

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Flowers out of season can have a big carbon footprint, so when you choose flowers that are in season you won’t just save money, you’ll be helping save the planet. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite wedding flowers for each season.


Spring Wedding Flowers

From lush lilacs to elegant tulips, spring bridges have all sorts of loveliness to choose from.

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Summer Wedding Flowers

The sun is out and the blooms are too in all their glory (including those elusive peonies)

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Autumn Wedding Flowers

Tone roses, graceful calla lilies, textural foliage, autumn brides can expect striking arrangements.

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Winter Wedding Flowers

Cool tones or rich Christmassy hues make for wonderfully unique winter wedding flowers.

Wedding Venue Decorations

Fairy lights and bunting may be #instagramgoals but flowers are still the best way to decorate your wedding venue. Not only do they create a sense of occasion, flowers help to carry your wedding theme and can be used to decorate everything from your pew ends to your wedding cake.


Decorating the venue

Whether you’re pulling out all the stops with a hanging ceiling arrangement and floral arch, or keeping it simple with jam jar table posies, flowers can transform a venue, taking it from magnificent to magical. Looking for decorating inspiration? Our community of expert florists have shared their ideas over on our blog.

Wedding Cake with edible flowers

Decorating the cake

Flowers aren’t just for the aisles and the bridesmaids – in fact cake and flowers might be one of our fave combinations. Just be sure you know the difference between which blooms are edible and which definitely aren’t!

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Wedding craft ideas

Getting hands on with your wedding flowers and décor can be a great way to save your pennies and build your excitement before the big day.


Wedding gifts and messages

Whether you’ll be joining the happy couple or you’re wishing them well from afar we can help. From delivering gorgeous hand-crafted blooms and hampers packed with goodies, to help with writing a card, you can trust us with all things wedding.


Struggling with what to write in your card? We’ve all been there, so we’ve rounded up message inspiration for all sorts of occasions.


Wedding Flower Trends

What gorgeous blooms are we expecting to see gracing aisles and bouquets this year? We had a chat with a few of our artisan florists to find out what flowers they think will be big on the big day.


Ultimate Flower Guides

Find out more about individual flowers, including their unique symbolism and how to care for, in our Ultimate Flower Guides