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Think Pink: Our Favourite Pink Flowers

24th July, 2023

In this post everything is just peachy, as we run through a lovely list of pink flowers and what they mean.

From gentle coral tones to vibrant magentas, there’s pink everywhere in the world of flowers. And just like pink itself, pink flowers have their own histories and cultural meanings. According to floriography (the study of the language of flowers), pink flowers symbolise all sorts of different things – an alstroemeria does not equal an amaryllis!

So to spare anyone’s blushes (although that’s another lovely shade) due to floral miscommunication, here’s our guide to the wonderful world of pink flowers.


Calla Lily

These elegant blooms come in a variety of shades and are ideal for wedding bouquets as they symbolise innocence and beauty. Also despite the name, they’re not actually lilies.



These orderly beauties signal love, affection and admiration. Pink camellias are used to show longing, so send them to the nearest and dearest you miss most.



These bursts of colour, usually a soft pink, are linked to romance, prosperity and good fortune. This makes them a popular choice for weddings, but the peony is a versatile bloom so they’re also perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, get well soon gifts or just to add a little extra beauty to someone’s day (read more about them here.



Also known as the Peruvian lily, this delicate flower symbolises devotion and friendship. They’re ideal for long-lasting colour because they last up to 2 weeks when properly cared for.



Striking and attention-grabbing these flowers are meant to be given to someone you find incredibly beautiful but who you also value beyond their beauty.



Related to the chrysanthemum flower, these gorgeous pink petals flood gardens and homes in summer. The dahlia symbolises grace and kindness, making them perfect to give as a thank you or on a birthday.



One of the most popular flowering plants, orchids come with an air of mystery and luxury. They symbolise rare and delicate beauty and need a lot of love to keep them looking their best, so give them to a very special someone.


Pink rose

The classic representation of love. Pink roses represent admiration, blossoming love and affection. A blushing bouquet of these beauties will make an anniversary truly special.


Pink tulips

These sleek blooms are often photographed in the Netherlands, where they turn huge fields into a sea of stunning pink. They’re the epitome of spring but they also represent true love and nurture, making them a popular and fitting choice for Mother’s Day bouquets.

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