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handwritten birthday card

10 reasons why an Interflora birthday is unbeatable

24th June, 2024

We've been around for a while. Almost 100 years in fact! And if we've learned anything over the years it's that a bouquet isn't just a bunch of flowers. Behind every one is an emotion and we promise you we don't take it lightly. That's why we go the extra mile, especially when it comes to birthdays because everyone deserves to feel special on their special day. Want to know what makes an Interflora birthday unbeatable? Here are 10 reasons...

1. The blooms look incredible

We’ve been doing birthday blooms for nearly 100 years, so we know exactly what it takes to make a showstopper bouquet.

2. Every bouquet is a one off

Their bouquet will be crafted by hand, just for them, by their local florist – who can consider any special requests for your special person.

3. These gifts wow on the doorstep

No lost packages. No bruised blooms. Our birthday bouquets wow from the moment they arrive because they’re personally delivered, arranged and ready, by the florist.

doorstep flower delivery

4. You tell us when to deliver

Same day delivery, morning delivery, next day delivery – we do all sorts of options so your birthday wishes can arrive exactly when you want.

5. Your love can travel almost anywhere!

Whether you’re sending birthday wishes across the pond or down under, we can deliver them. Our network of local florists are working floral magic in over 140 countries!

6. Packaging that looks good and does good

Our packaging is specially designed to delight them without harming mother nature. Almost every part is recyclable or compostable.


7. You can pick the style

Reckon they’d love a vase for effort-free flowers? Or maybe a gift box? Or maybe something a little more unusual like a hat box arrangement? We’d love to help.

8. Made by hand, written by hand

The personal touch is what matters, that’s why our florists usually write your card message by hand – putting the same care in as you would yourself.

handwritten birthday card

9. Add lovely little extras

Our expert buyers take special care choosing beautiful (usually tasty!) finishing touches you can add to any bouquet, for that extra special gift.

10. Keep the joy coming

With an Interflora delivery pass you’ll save so much on delivery you could send them a half birthday present too!


Celebrate their birthday properly this year