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Lily Free Bouquets

Send a beautiful lily free bouquet today for a surprise they won't soon forget.

One-of-a-kind bouquets are the perfect way to remember that special day.

  • Designed and created exclusively for you by our local artisan florists
  • Delivered by hand

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We love lilies but they can be tricky blooms. Their scent isn’t for everyone, their pollen can set some people’s allergies off and they can be harmful to our furry friends – especially cats.

That’s why we offer all sorts of lily-free arrangements. Our florists will choose the freshest seasonal stems, not a single lily, and create a bouquet bursting with beauty. They can usually deliver the same day or next day too.

P.S. Don’t be fooled by the Peruvian lily, more commonly known as alstroemeria, despite the name they’re not lilies and aren’t toxic to cats or dogs.

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