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Did you know?
The common name for the national flower is Singapore orchid, this flower was chosen for its vibrant colours. This Orchid hybrid is known as the vanda 'Miss Joaquim' which is named in honour of Agnes Joaquim, who bred this flower at the end of 19th century.
From city centre skyscrapers to sleepy island towns, we deliver flowers all across Singapore – and right on time. Whether it's a bouquet to welcome a new baby in Bedok or a "get well soon" arrangement for a friend in Bukit Merah, you can be sure that it will have that "WOW!” effect upon arrival to delight your loved one!

To send flowers to Singapore, remember:
  • Because of time differences, we can't offer same day delivery.
  • To guarantee that we can deliver your bouquet, please include the recipient's phone number with your order.
  • Please give us the exact address, including house number, street, district and zip code, and if possible indicate the nearest well-known place (such as a building or hotel).
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