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How to celebrate a birthday at home

11th May, 2020

Dreading the thought of celebrating your birthday out on the town? We hear you. When we think of birthday, thoughts of extravigant trips away, booze-filled nights out, and raucous celebration often come to mind. We are here to tell you that there is an alternative. Staying in is the new going out! Nothing quite beats the comfort of your own home, whether you enjoy your own company or simply find social occassions a challenge, we’re here to help you celebrate in style. Check out our ultimate guide to how to celebrate a birthday at home.

The one for the food lovers

We’re kickstarting with a classic: birthday brunch. If you’re the kind of girl who loves nothing more than a spot of avo or eggs royale, then you may well be craving your favourite brunch spot right about now. So, what better excuse than your BIRTHDAY to recreate your favourite brunching delights?

Amp it up by creating your very own menu, loop in your guestlist, make sure everyone’s got their ingredients at the ready, and then enjoy your at-home birthday brunch with your family and friends over Facetime.

The one for the nature lovers

Ok, so this one is less about nature and more about transforming your outdoor space into the ultimate birthday bash – any excuse to get out and enjoy this gorgeous spring sunshine! Whether you fancy tea and cakes or a classic BBQ, get your bunting and garden games out, set up a live video stream, and celebrate virtually with the family and friends you can’t be with right now.

And for those extra hot days, get yourself a paddling pool and turn it into a pool party!

The one for those who like a little indulgence

Is wine your passion in life? Your birthday is all about you, so make it an excuse to indulge in your favourite things – whilst enjoying a little virtual time with your pals. In lieu of presents, ask everyone to invest in your very own personalised wine list (supermarket specials allowed!) and get ready for a little boozy fun.

You can go as far as creating your own scoring sheet for a bit of extra fun, and this can easily be applied to other delicious treats; cheese, craft beers, tequila – it’s all up to YOU.

The one for the serious party animals

If you dream of nothing other than a sunny, cocktail-filled birthday getaway with your gal pals, then bring Ibiza to your own living room! We’re talking about going all out; great outfits, themed food, a dedicated playlist.

The one for the photo fans

If you love nothing more than scrolling through Insta, then go all out and turn your birthday into the ultimate Instagram cliché – no judgement here!

From requiring your guests to make the most picture-worthy food and drinks, to going as far as shipping photobooth props to your RSVPs, make it all about the content and get everyone posting on social. You could even make your own birthday hashtag too.

The one for the music lovers

We’re just as gutted as you are about missing out on our favourite summer festivals this year, but why not use your birthday as an excuse to go all out and recreate your own? Devise your ULTIMATE festival line-up and create a dedicated playlist, dress up in your best festival-gear, dial in your friends and enjoy the tunes together!

And if you’re a musically-talented bunch, why not take it in turns to play live sets for the group?

The one for the big kids out there

It doesn’t matter if you’re 13, or going on 30, EVERYONE loves chilling out in their comfiest loungewear and relaxing with their besties. So, turn your lockdown birthday into the ultimate sleepover.

Get everyone to stock up on the ultimate slumber party snacks, dress is their prettiest PJs, and get ready to natter the night away sharing stories over Facetime. And for a grownup twist, of course a little bit of bubbly wouldn’t go amiss.


Keeping it low key

Celebrating a birthday from home doesn't have to mean loud music and parties. Whether you are anti-social by nature, socially anxious or simply want some alone time, it is important to remember that birthdays are a celebration of you, and so, what you want to do matters most of all. Here are some of our top tips for spending your birthday at home alone:

  1. Gaming the day away - Immerse yourself in your favourite RPG or play with your friends online.
  2. Binge your favourite TV series - Boot up Netflix and start binging that TV series you've had in your months-long wishlist
  3. Read a book - Keep noise to a minimum and delve into a good book. Books are good for the soul and mind and are a great way to relax
  4. Follow-up on your favourite hobby - Hobbies are crucial for your day-to-day wellbeing, so no matter whether gardening is your thing, you prefer swimming, or enjoy painting miniatures, giving yourself time to enjoy the things you love on your birthday are a great way to spend your day.
  5. Sleep, relax and rest - if you lead a busy life or feel that work stress eating away at you, the best birthday gift of all may simply be time to rest and relax. Try running a bath, lying on the sofa, or getting an early night - prioritise yourself.

Celebrating a birthday during lockdown

It’s something so many of us will be facing on a daily basis – a birthday, big or small, spent without the family and all your besties. But, whilst our usual plans are on hold during lockdown, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop altogether! Just ask Stephie Kent