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How to Make a Christmas Wreath

26th March, 2023

Making a Christmas wreath is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit. All you’ll need are a few tools, some lovely blooms, maybe pop some Christmas tunes on, and soon you’ll be feeling merrier than Santa himself. And best of all – this Christmas wreath is eco-friendly! It’s as kind to the planet as it is easy on the eye.

Tools & Ingredients


Step 1 – adding a moss base to the wire frame

Get ready to get your hands dirty.

Take a section of your moss and place it on the wire frame. Place the florist wire across the moss leaving a 1-inch tail, this is for later to tie off when we finish. Wrap the wire around the moss about a finger’s width apart, not too tight, just so it secures the moss to the frame. Once you get to the end of your first piece of moss, continue the process all the way around.

When you get to the end use the tail of wire from the start and twist the wire a few times to secure you moss base. Don’t cut the wire at this point because you will continue to use it to wrap your foliage in the next stages.
Using moss is the perfect eco friendly way to create a base for your foliage. It also gives you foliage some moisture for a longer lasting wreath.


Step 2: preparing your foliage

Take the pieces of spruce and conifer, and cut them into sections. Prepare the foliage by removing the bottom sections of the pine needles from the stem, this allows the stem to be pushed into the moss. At this point you can also add the twine to be able to hang your wreath. Just cut a section of twine fold it in half, put it around your wreath base and loop it back through itself and pull it tight. Then tie the two cut ends together making it ready to hang on your door.

Step 3 – preparing the skimmia, hypericum & eucalyptus

Almost there, just this step and we can start to assemble the Christmas Wreath. Cut your red skimmia and hypericum berries into individual pieces. For the hypericum berries, cut each stem into sections and remove the leaves as these will brown if left on. Take the eucalyptus and cut it into smaller sections, as with the pine, and remove a few leaves off the bottom of each one so you have a nice clear stem to insert into the moss.


Step 4: adding the foliage and flowers to the wreath

Start to insert foliage into the moss base, layering each new piece over the last. Once you have added a few pieces, use the wire to secure it in place by wrapping it over the top a couple of times. When you have added a few pieces of foliage you can then start to add the hypericum and skimmia. Repeat this process as you work around the wreath, making sure you work towards yourself in an anti clockwise direction placing each piece slightly outwards.

Step 5 - Preparing the pine cones and orange slices

Simply take two slices of the orange and push some wire (15cm approx.) through the flesh, just underneath the rind (white) of the orange. Fold it in half so the wire makes two stems, then twist them together. Repeat this with the other slices.

For the pine cones we want a similar creation. Take a pine cone and face the point towards yourself, then place a piece of wire around the bottom section, between the base layer of pine scales. Now wrap one part of the wire around the base in-between the scales until it meets the other section of wire. Straighten the wires and twist together. Repeat this with the other cones.


Step 6 - Adding the orange slices and pine cones to the wreath

Place your wreath in front of you and put the decorations where you think they will look good, once your happy with how they look on the wreath you’re ready to secure them in place. To attach the decoration to the wreath, all you need to do is push the wire through the moss from the front of the wreath until it comes out the other side. Once the wire is through you can then double it back and push it into the side of the moss base. Repeat this step with your other pine cones and orange slices.

And that’s it. You’re all done. Step back and admire your work.

We know not everyone is crafty or has the time, so, if you’d rather leave it to the experts remember our talented community of local florists would love to help. Check out our gorgeous, handcrafted wreaths. And if you really want to deck the halls we’ve got all sorts of festive flowers, even Christmas plants.


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