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Introducing Mood Blooms

1st April, 2021

Flowers have been used for centuries to help people show their emotions so when our product development team began planning our latest launch, they got to thinking – how could we make showing your feelings with flowers even easier? What if flowers really could show exactly what you felt?

Introducing our latest beautiful bouquet: mood blooms, flowers that change colour according to your mood.

Say hello to state of the art pollen processing

Over the last year our researchers have been hard at work developing ground-breaking floral technology. Harnessing the detection powers of pollen they’ve created blooms that are not only able to track emotional changes in the surrounding environment, they’re able to change colour to match them.

Here’s what our Chief Emochromafloratologist Dr Jo King had to say about the project:

“The 90s had mood rings, the 2020s has mood blooms! Seeing the petals change colour has just been amazing. The lab team were really thrilled about having their personal feelings suddenly revealed!”

So far the blooms are able to match four moods. Love will make them blush pink, joy sees them take on a yellow glow, sadness will create blue, and stress will set them aflame in red.

The team hopes to advance the technology further, in future we might see Mood Blooms pick up and reflect an increasingly complex range of emotions. They’re currently embarking on intensive colour-matching research to find the best colours for rarer emotions like the horror of forgetting bin day and the elation of waking up and remembering it’s the weekend.

Disclaimer: our Mood Blooms might have had a little something to do with April Fools Day. Apparently flowers that change colour according to your mood are “scientifically impossible” and “economically unfeasible”. We do definitely have mood BOOSTING blooms though.


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