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One year on from lockdown

19th March, 2021

One year ago life in Ireland as we know it was officially turned upside down. The government issued instructions telling us to stay at home. Lockdown began. In that moment the reality of a global pandemic fully arrived.

Across the year life was transformed – they called it the ‘new normal’. We lived with shocking statistics, national briefings and ‘next slide please’. We learnt all sorts of new language, from corona (no longer just beer) to tiers (no longer just cakes). New routines emerged too: queuing to shop, sanitising, masking up, dodging each other on the street. We kept on going with loss and grief and fear all around.

But keep on we did. And somehow many of us even found moments of joy. Ridiculous Zoom quizzes, leaping about to Joe Wicks, rediscovering nature on our doorsteps, mini weddings, new arrivals...

For our part, we've been so awed by the incredible efforts and resilience of our local high street florists, and we took courage and hope from all the flowers that were still being sent around the UK with messages of love, joy, and celebration.

In fact as we reflected, we realised just how inspiring the sheer number of messages was: despite the chaos of life aboard the corona-coaster, love and friendship persisted. So, to celebrate we’ve made a little film, capturing the impressive facts and figures that show just how resilient the people of the UK have been. Here’s to keeping on.


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