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Birthday Flowers


One-of-a-kind bouquets are the perfect way to remember that special day.

  • Designed and created exclusively for you by our local artisan florists
  • Delivered by hand

Send personalised flowers to your loved one and trust our florists to make it even more special


Hand-tied by a local florist, our bouquets add a splash of colour to their special day – think vibrant pinks, eye-catching oranges and dreamy pastels! They are hand-delivered too to create that all important doorstep WOW.

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to open the door to some gorgeous blooms on their birthday?

Picture-perfect lilies and roses take centre stage in our birthday bouquets, but keep an eye out for on-trend orchids and seasonal flowers too. Fancy pushing the boat out? Explore our finishing touches collection, and treat them to a bottle of bubbly or box of heavenly chocolates to go with those gorgeous blooms.


To make their birthday bouquet a truly thoughtful gift, choose flowers related to the month they were born:

  • January birthday - Carnations
  • February – Violet
  • March – Daffodils
  • April – Daisy
  • May – Lily
  • June – Rose
  • July – Delphinium
  • August – Gladioli
  • September – Aster
  • October – Marigold
  • November – Chrysanthemum
  • December – Holly

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Flowers Birthday FAQs

All our flower arrangements are skillfully crafted by local florists using the freshest blooms available, ensuring each bouquet is a unique creation. We are dedicated to creating memorable moments, so if the recipient has a favorite color or specific flower in mind, simply leave us a note during your purchase, and we'll make every effort to accommodate their preferences. Adding a personal touch is crucial for meaningful gift-giving, and we can also convey a personalised birthday message on your behalf. If you're unsure about what to say, don't worry! Explore our collection of inspirational birthday messages and quotes for inspiration.

The ideal birthday flowers are those that evoke happiness and celebration. Vibrant warm colors like orange and yellow are perfect choices for birthday bouquets, with lilies and roses being among the most popular options. Beyond color, flowers often carry special meanings that can enhance the sentiment of your gift. Choosing birth flowers based on the recipient's birth month is a thoughtful way to express your appreciation and make your bouquet even more meaningful.

Yes, we offer international delivery options for our bouquets, including same and next day delivery to select countries. The availability of delivery options may vary depending on the destination country. For instance, due to time zone differences, we cannot provide same-day flower delivery to Australia. However, you can enjoy same-day delivery when sending flowers to other countries such as Spain, France, Germany, and the USA, among others. To learn more about international flower delivery to your chosen country, visit our international flower delivery section and select your destination.

Absolutely! Flowers are a wonderful way to express care and appreciation and can be enjoyed and cherished by everyone. The best birthday flowers for men are those that resonate with their personal preferences, such as favorite colors, scents, and flowers with distinctive personalities. Selecting flowers for men may seem challenging, so consider choosing their birth flower. Similar to birthstones, each month is associated with a specific flower, adding a meaningful touch to any birthday bouquet.