Wellbeing & Flowers

After nearly a hundred years delivering gorgeous flowers, we’ve seen what a mood booster they can be. It’s made us passionate about helping people improve their wellbeing whether it’s with flower power or other wellbeing activities. So if you need a pick me up we’re here to help, with all sorts of wellbeing resources.


What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is all about your quality of life. It’s about how well you feel and that includes your mental and physical health.

Steps to wellbeing

According to the NHS there are 5 key steps you can take to improve your mental wellbeing from getting active, to learning something new (and some of these steps can help with your physical wellbeing too). It’s important to remember that improving your wellbeing doesn’t always mean overhauling your life, it can mean taking small measures to make yourself feel better whether that’s finding some green space on your lunch break or decluttering your home (we’ve got some tips on that).

Wellbeing activities

There’s all sorts you can do to improve you mental and physical wellbeing. Here are a few of our favourite wellbeing activities.


Get out into nature

We’re in the flower business so of course we love nature, but there’s growing evidence that it really is good for us. In 2019 we spoke to Kirsty Ward (from @my_little_allotment) about how she used gardening to improve her mental health.


Get active

Exercise is a powerful thing. It lowers our risk for all sorts of illnesses, boosts our mood and our sleep quality. If you’re not a gym lover maybe try some simple yoga to start. Our favourite yogi Emily Clare Hill is here to tell you why it’s worth it.


Focus on friendships

If you’re struggling, sharing your worries with a friends can make all the difference (there’s a reason why we have the phrase two heads are better than one!) Friendship is a powerful thing. Need some tips on making friendships work? We can help with that.

Other wellbeing activities and tips

  • Find a hobby and embrace it. Whether it’s picking flowers or watching puppies (does that count as a hobby?) or getting crafty. Take time to pursue something just for you that isn’t work.
  • Be kind. The NHS suggests helping others can improve our wellbeing, so if you can volunteer or even just help out more around the house – do it! You’ll be helping others at the same time as helping yourself. (Need more ideas about kind acts? Check out this list).
  • Focus on what you can change. Take climate change for instance, it can feel huge and overwhelming, but making small changes can add up to big ones. Try and focus on those to start with.

Flower Types

Want to know your hyacinth from your hydrangea? Which are the best flowers of the seasons? We've covered it all in our Ultimate Flower Guides.



Whether it's getting out in the garden, arranging flowers, eating well, getting a good night’s sleep, practicing yoga, or watching very cute puppies play together, we've teamed up with an expert in an area which will help us all to be a little more mindful.


Importance of friendships

Friends are great at boosting your mood. Whether it’s your one-year friend-iversary or you’ve been friends for a decade, friends are always there for you and that should be celebrated.