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Delivery of Materials

In the case of surprise Tasks, the assistants must check the material from a list given by the organisers. A minimum of 10 minutes are provided for this action. During this period assistants are obliged to check if all materials are in the package and the quality of fresh material. Assistants may ask for replacements in case of severe quality problems. If replacements are not available, assistants are asked to make remarks and report it to the Technical Committee who will forward such notifications to the Jury president. It is strictly forbidden to take any materials (of your own or given by the organisers) to your hotel room. The Technical Committee is allowed to check bags, cases, trunks etc. of competitors and assistants upon their arrival to the venue, or at any time during the event.


Times for preparatory works are indicated in the timetable (see Annex #3).• For preparation levels see preparations document levels (PL) 1 to 4 (see Annex #1.)• Each Task will have its own detailed description. • The Technical Committee will check and record all competition pieces at the end of their preparation times, in order to be able to judge both 1/3rd – 2/3rd rules.

1/3rd – 2/3rd rule-#1:

The final piece must not be more than 1/3rdpre-constructed. At least 2/3rd of the competition piece must be added during the competition time. It is the competitor’s own decision whether this means additional branches, twigs etc. or plant/flower materials.

1/3rd – 2/3rd rule-#2:

Non-alive parts of the works (like supports, bases, constructions) prepared by the competitor before the competition may never visually dominate in the final version of the competition pieces. In all competition works the living and/or botanical plant/flower material shall in the end visually dominate the final result. More than 2/3rd of the work piece must be made of living and/or botanical materials. In case of doubt, the Technical Committee should be consulted.

Work pieces/Tasks

Unless explicitly indicated otherwise, you must provide all your own materials (flowers, plants, accessories, containers etc.) as well as your own tools. In the Task descriptions, the size limitations are generally given in square meters. This means you are free to design any shape as the designs will be measured on the floor as a square, rectangle or circle. Each Task description includes the relevant size limitation.

Any floral foam used by competitors must bebio-degradable. Agra Wool and Terra Brick may also be used. Artificial flowers, silk flowers and comparable products may not be used. Competitors are not permitted to use living or preserved animals (of whatever kind). You may use parts of animals like fur, bones, horns, feathers etc. and/or animal-based products like wool etc. The use of aerosol sprays (glue, paints, leaf shine etc.) and comparable products that leave a stain on surfaces are not allowed to be used. However, aerosols that contain clear air can be used for cleaning purposes.


The insurance of the competitor, assistant and their materials or tools is the personal responsibility of competitors. Interflora will not be liable for any loss or damage to such items/materials.

Dress code

Please dress according to the situation (such as an audience being present or not), the venue/atmosphere, or in accordance with the specific instructions while you are working on stage (if applicable). T-shirts will be supplied by Interflora for competitors and assistants to wear during the competition days. Please let us know yours and your assistant’s t-shirt size by sending an email to InterfloraWorldCup23@interflora.co.uk as soon as possible

Note: You are not allowed to have any publicity, such as advertisements for sponsors, on your clothes.

Displaying of the work and Maintenance of Designs

The competition booths will feature a number of different Tasks with their own themes. Your finished work will be displayed in the booth allocated to you. If you decide to decorate your work area with materials, apart from the materials used for the Task, this decoration may in no way play a role in the execution of the Tasks or final design. The floor cannot be damaged or stained in any way and the ceiling beams may not be used to hang anything from.

Your designs will be on display for the duration of the competition ending on Saturday 9th September 2023 and must be kept alive and looking fresh. Maintenance (watering) can be done each morning between 8:45 – 10:00 during the Task preparation phase.

Additionally, since your designs will be on display for the duration of the show ending on Saturday 9th September 2023, you must decide whether to ship back your props or have them disposed of by the designated logistics provider, Kuehne + Nagel. More details are available in Annex #5 – ‘Logistics, Flowers and Supplies’.

Preparation Area

Each competitor will have their own preparation area in Central Hall which will be closed off to the general public, see floorplan on page 16. You will be allocated a time slot to unload your freight by Interflora which will be communicated via email in July 2023. Please see Unloading and Preparation Annex Level #1 for further details.

Each preparation area will be approximately 4m x 3m* and will have 1 table and 2 chairs. There will be a common area with water and bins for any waste and an air-conditioned room exclusively for flower storage. Competitors will be responsible for supplying their own buckets and trollies for storing and moving flowers, props and supplies. All buckets and trollies must be removed from Manchester Central on Sunday 10th September.

Only competitors, their named assistant, Technical Committee members and Interflora event staff will be allowed entry into the preparation areas – this will be strictly enforced. The preparation space will be monitored between the hours of 07:00 – 22:00.

While security precautions will be made, neither Interflora or Manchester Central will be responsible for personal items left at Manchester Central. Photo ID will be required for admittance to the preparation and competition areas.

All props, supplies and flowers must be delivered to Manchester Central no earlier than your given time slot on Monday 4th September 2023. Once delivered to the preparation area, you may not remove any items for work off premises. Should problems occur in shipping, transit, storage or product quality, the Technical Committee must approve the delivery of replacement items.

Large structures for Tasks should be placed in the allocated structures area in the preparations area and moved to your competition booth no later than Tuesday 5th September at midday.

*Exact dimensions are still to be confirmed.