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How to Make a Christmas Garland

18th June, 2024

Ditch the boring old plastic garland and the tired tinsel and deck the halls properly – with a gorgeous garland of fresh flowers and foliage. Bursting with colour and piney fresh scent, once you’ve made your own garland there’s no going back.

Although, if you’d rather leave decorating to the experts, we’d be glad to help. Check out our Christmas flowers, Christmas plants, and Christmas wreaths – and remember they’re all handcrafted by talented local florists, so they really are something special.

We’ve made it simple for you, just watch our video with the incredible Charlotte from Hilary’s Floral Design, Abergavenny or you can read our guide below.

The first thing you’ll need is an assortment of ingredients to bring your Garland to life.

How to Make a Christmas Garland1
How to Make a Christmas Garland2


rope & preparing the foliage

The base for your Garland is a length of rope, this is much more environmentally friendly than other base structures. Cut your rope to the desired length you want. This will depend on where you want to display your Garland, ours is for a mantle, but you could use it for your table or anywhere else around the house.

Cut you spruce, eucalyptus, hypericum, skimmia and conifer into smaller sections and make a few piles ready for use. This is when you can really start to take in the smell of Christmas. Remember to remove the leaves from the hypericum berries, they tend to go brown and not last as long as the rest of the foliage.

How to Make a Christmas Garland7


attaching your foliage to the rope

To begin take your wire and wrap it around the end of the rope a few times to get it started. Don’t cut the wire, you’ll continue to use this for the entire length of the garland. Now take a piece of spruce and conifer, place it on top of your rope and wire facing away from the middle working left to right. Wrap the wire a few times around the foliage to secure it. Work your way along the rope continuing this process adding your other foliage’s and asparagus fern sporadically as you go.

How to Make a Christmas Garland3


finishing off the end section

Once you get close to the end of your rope, take a piece of spruce and conifer, face them in the opposite direction and wire them on. Now turn your garland over and pull your wire nice and tight. Cut your wire, leaving enough to twist it together and secure it. Now you can cut off any excess rope and your garland is almost complete.

How to Make a Christmas Garland4


finishing touches

It looks amazing as is and you could leave it there, but we love to go one step further. Adding some eco friendly pine cones and dried orange slices take your garland to the next level. Add as many as you like, we’ve added 6 pairs of orange slices and 6 pine cones.

Simply take two slices of the orange and push some wire (15cm approx.) through the flesh, just underneath the rind (white) of the orange. Fold it in half so the wire is now two sections together, then give a couple of twists and you’re done. Repeat this with the other slices.

For the pine cones we want a similar creation. Take a pine cone and face to top towards yourself, then around the bottom section place your wire in-between the base layer of pine scales so half of the wire is sticking out either side. Now wrap one part of the wire around the base in-between the scales until it meets the other section of wire, straighten the wires together, give a couple of twists and hey presto one pine cone ready to attach to go. Repeat this with the other pine cones.

And that’s it. Step back snap a pic and share it.

We know not everyone as crafty as our talented florists, so, if you’d rather leave it to the experts remember our clever community of local florists would love to help. And if you really want to deck the halls we’ve got all sorts of festive flowers, even Christmas plants.


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