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How to recycle your Christmas tree

23rd October, 2020

Spare a thought for your Christmas tree. Once adorned, admired and loved, come 6th January it will be unceremoniously stripped of its decorations and put aside for yet another year. Whether your Christmas tree is real or artificial don’t kick it to the kerb this January, recycle it and make a green start to the New Year.

Here are some ways to recycle your Christmas tree…

Replant your Christmas tree

If you bought a tree that has been grown in a container or potted with its roots intact, it’s entirely possible to replant it in your garden (or a bigger pot) once the festivities are over. Not only is this an environmentally friendly way to recycle your Christmas tree but it also means that next year, you can bring it inside and enjoy decorating it all over again. A word of advice though - don’t put your tree straight out into the cold. Give it time to acclimatise to cooler conditions by keeping it in a garage or shed for the next few weeks. Christmas trees are ideally replanted in early spring - just be sure to give it plenty of water so that it doesn’t dry out while waiting for its new home.

Recycle your Christmas tree

If you bought a felled Christmas tree (or don’t wish to replant your potted one), you can still recycle it by chopping it up and putting it in your garden waste bin or taking it to a local recycling facility. Check your local council’s Christmas tree recycling scheme by visiting their website - most will offer a local drop off or collection point for unwanted trees. If taking yours to the tip, make sure you protect your car from dropping needles by putting a sheet or protective cover down first. It might feel like a bit of a faff but by recycling your tree, you can start the New Year that little bit greener.

Reuse your Christmas tree

Real Christmas trees are always the best and greenest option but for some families, an artificial tree is much more suitable. If you decide it’s time to part with your artificial tree, consider finding it a new home as opposed to throwing it in the landfill. (Most artificial trees are made from a combination of materials that sadly cannot be recycled). If your tree is still in good condition why not give it a new lease of life by donating it to charity or gifting it to a worthy cause? Retirement homes, schools or hospices may really appreciate the gesture and you'll feel good knowing others will be getting pleasure from your unwanted tree.


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