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How to care for your Christmas wreath

18th September, 2023

Is there a merrier sight at Christmas than a front door adorned with a real flower and foliage wreath? We think not! But how do you ensure that yours keeps looking merry and bright right up to Christmas Day (or beyond)?

We're here to help with these top care tips from our pro florists who know more than just a thing or two about creating gorgeous and long-lasting Christmas wreaths this season.

Top tips for making your Christmas wreath last longer:

#1 Choose your flowers wisely

If you want a Christmas wreath that's going to bring cheer throughout the whole festive season ask your florist to use long-lasting and more resilient blooms like carnations and chrysanthemums or forgo flowers altogether in favour of lots and lots of gorgeous greenery (the season's full of it). With a little TLC a foliage wreath should stay fresh for two to three weeks. Can't resist those Vanda orchids? Leave it til the last minute to order your wreath and WOW festive visitors when they arrive on Christmas Day.

#2 Water, water, water!

Keep your wreath looking fresh by regularly misting it with water. A spritz every other day should keep your flowers and foliage in tip top condition.

#3 Protect it from the elements

Flowers hate frost so keep an eye on the forecast. If a particularly cold spell is predicted pop your wreath inside a garage or shed overnight (never indoors - see #4!).

#4 Keep it away from heat

We may like nothing more than warming our toes by the fire or cranking up the central heating but too much heat can cause blooms to fade quickly and there's nothing like a past-best-bloom to put a dampner on the festivities. However tempting it is to hang your wreath above the fireplace, do it a favour and hang it outdoors instead.

#5 Get creative

If you're one of those people who like to have their Christmas decorations up for 1st December you can still choose a real flower wreath. All you need do is remove the blooms as they begin to fade or better yet replace them with new flowers in a totally different colour palette - that'll keep the neighbours on their toes!


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