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How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like a Pro

11th December, 2019

Beautifully wrapped presents not only look picture-perfect under the Christmas tree they are also a real joy to receive. To help you master the art of perfectly presented presents we asked gift wrapping expert Jane Means to share her top tips for how to wrap presents like a pro just in time for Christmas.

"Beautiful gift wrapping makes a thoughtfully chosen present feel all the more desirable” Jane told us.

“Just like fashion, gift wrapping is all about dressing to impress. You want to tantalise the recipient and build a sense of anticipation of what lies underneath.”

And just like the world of fashion, gift-wrapping trends are always changing. As an international gift-wrapping expert, Jane’s art takes her around the world and it is her travels that provide much of the inspiration for her work.

“When returning from India I am always inspired to use bold, bright colours whereas trips to Scandinavia inspire a much more paired back look. I also take a lot of inspiration from nature. If I see a beautiful flower I’ll take a photo of it and then look to add the colour to my ribbon collection.”

So what are the big gift wrapping trends for Christmas 2019?

Green has been a huge trend in gift wrapping this year, but I also predict that navy, teal and rose gold are going to be very popular colour palettes for Christmas especially for those hoping to achieve a glamourous look.”


And whereas gift wrapping was once about matching your ribbon to your wrapping paper, Jane tells us that the current trend for more eclectic styling means that practically anything goes.

“Once upon a time I never would have dreamt of adding a spotty ribbon to striped paper but the current fashion for mixing and matching patterns, prints and textiles gives you far more creative licence. Embrace the trend by pairing a traditional wrapping paper with a more contemporary ribbon, or if you’re feeling really daring, use two clashing prints and use a similar colour ribbon to tie the whole look together.”


Jane advises that the best places to pick up gift wrapping supplies include department stores, craft boutiques and even florist shops.


This Christmas impress your loved ones with perfectly presented presents. Just follow these top five gift-wrapping tips.

5 Top Gift Wrapping Tips

1. Make sure you are well equipped for the job. As well as beautiful gift wrap and trimmings you’ll need sharp scissors, tissue paper for padding and lots and lots of double sided tape!

2. Before cutting your wrapping paper make sure you have enough to cover the gift entirely. To determine how much you need, wrap a length of ribbon around the gift, then lay it flat on the paper and trim to the required length.

3. Waste not, want not. Avoid waste by keeping off-cuts of paper and ribbon as you never know when you might need them.

4. When it comes to wrapping awkward shaped presents, think outside the box. A top tip is to use paper tablecloths (easily found in your local supermarket) to cover large, awkward shapes. Simply place the object into the centre and gather around then tie with ribbon.

5. Wrap as you go. There’s nothing more soul destroying than being faced with a mountain of unwrapped presents on Christmas Eve. Just make sure you label each present clearly to avoid any embarrassing gift exchanges!

Go Eco-friendly!

Every little helps to preserve the environment. These are a few tips that you could follow when wrapping your Christmas presents.

  • Don’t through away old gift wraps or gift bags, they can be re-porposed and re-used without having to give up in style. Mix and match would work really well here!
  • You could even use very minimal brown paper or old newspapers (for very vintage look!) and go all bold with a colourful ribbon or with a small branch of greenery

Source: The Runaway Dilettante

  • If you have small left over wrapping, you could create a very quirky collage and add either a neutral ribbon (like a natural string).
  • There are also eco-friendly suppliers that you can consider, here a list of our favourites: WHS for recycled brown paper; Oxfam fairtrade wrapping paper; eco-friendly twine and tape . If your present is for a garden owner, you could wrap their presents with seed paper which they can then plant outside!

Psst, did you know that our bouquet wrapping is now eco-friendly? Find out more about how we're doing our bit to help save our planet.

  • Using fabric is an alternative way of recycling. In Japan this technique is called Furoshiki. You can just use old fabric that you have or if you’d like to be wrap your Christmas present with a Japanese touch the Japanese Shop has some real beautiful pieces.

Source: The Glitter Guide & Memento and Muse

And for That Extra Wow Factor

  • Personalise your gift wrapping by adding a meaningful embellishment. For example, for the recipient who loves gardening add a flourish of holly or for the foodie in your life, a posy of bay leaves.
  • Design your own gift wrap using brown paper and paint. Be as creative as you like.

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