8 Things to Do After Christmas Day

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Christmas Day has come and gone and the New Year is still a few days away. Not quite sure what to do with yourself? From taking advantage of the January sales to mini craft projects, here are eight ways to see out the end of 2018.

1.    Relax! You’ve spent weeks organising the perfect day for all the family to enjoy so now is the time to sit back and relax. If you’ve been busy entertaining, try to find a little time for yourself and what you love. Go for a walk, read a book or take a long soak in the bath. You deserve it.

2.    If you’re planning a party for New Year’s Eve do a quick stock take to make sure you have everything you need. It’s amazing how the contents of your cupboard can deplete over the Christmas break! Do a food shop if necessary and also pick up anything else you need to make the evening go with a bang – table games and fireworks are always a good idea.

3.    Come Twelfth Night (5th January) it’s time to take those decorations down. Carefully pack yours in labelled boxes and detangle the lights before putting them away. You’ll thank yourself for the effort next year. If you have a real Christmas tree, don’t kick it to the curb. See your local council’s website for details on how to recycle it.

4.    Turn this year’s Christmas cards into next year’s gift tags – it’s easy, eco-friendly and economical too! Use a pair of craft scissors to cut out pictures (making sure there is no writing on the back) then punch a hole through one corner so that they can be threaded with ribbon at a later date.

5.    Whether it’s for that extra thoughtful gift under the tree or for being a fabulous festive host, now is the time to say thank you to the ones you love for making Christmas so special. Find a quiet afternoon to jot down your gratitude into a hand-written note or, even better, send thank you flowers to show your gratitude. It’s sure to mean the world.  

6.    If you received an unwanted – or duplicate gift- why not recycle it? You could either donate it to a charity shop or re-wrap it in birthday paper and give it to someone who you know will love it.

7.    Take advantage of the January sales. If you can muster enough energy to hit the shops, the days after Christmas are a great time to stock up on Christmas essentials for next year – gift wrap, cards, tableware, you name it, plus, you can pick up some real wardrobe staples at a bargain price too.

8.    Plan something fun for the family to do at the end of January so that the post-Christmas blues don’t set in after a return to work and school. Many pantomimes run into the New Year or, if you’ve had enough festive fun, why not organise a day at the swimming pool or rock climbing? Something to get you active again and help burn off some of those Christmas calories!

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