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The Best Flowers for Mother's Day

19th February, 2024

Sending flowers on Mother’s Day is even better when the flowers you pick are as meaningful as they are magnificent. That’s why florists don’t just choose the freshest blooms available, they also design each bouquet according to what you need to say, so it does your thoughts and emotions justice.

This magic comes from knowing a thing or two about floriography, aka the language of flowers. Here our florists have given us a few pointers on how every bloom can help tell your story (remember you can always request a certain bloom in your Interflora bouquet if you especially love the meaning).



You can’t beat a classic carnation, especially on Mother’s Day. Not only do they come in all shapes and colours (and last a long time), they signify admiration, deep love and affection to capture that special bond between you perfectly.

Carnations say: ‘I’m so lucky to have a mum like you’



Roses = love? Yes, but they also say a lot of other things depending on their colour. Yellow roses mean friendship and joy, and pink roses signify admiration, gratitude and appreciation (and boy do mums deserve that!) Peach roses mean you’re missing someone – an ideal choice to show your mum you’re thinking of her.

Yellow roses say: ‘You’ll always be my best friend’

Pink roses say: ‘Thanks for everything you do’

Peach roses say: ‘Missing you loads – can’t wait to see you soon!’



The happiest bloom around, sunflowers are more than sunshine on a stem. They also represent adoration, loyalty, and longevity – just the thing to show her your love.

Sunflowers say: ‘I’ll always be there for you, just like you’re there for me’


Gerbera Daisies

Like a supersized daisy, gerberas are perfect for adding pops of colour to bouquets. And their bright beauty goes nicely with their meaning – these vibrant stems symbolise cheerfulness and innocence.

Gerberas say: ‘The time spent with you is always the best time!’



With Mother’s Day falling in Spring tulips are an ideal seasonal choice. Another bloom that comes in all sorts of shades, they can add colour or depth to a bouquet. What makes them a great choice for mum though is that they signify perfect love – and what love is more perfect than mum’s?

Tulips say: ‘I love you so much’



We love these jewel-like little purple blooms. Their gentle purple shade matches their meaning well – symbolising innocence, but also love.

Violets say: ‘You mean everything to me, Mum’



At the other end of the scale to the demure violet is this showstopper. Luxurious, showy orchids represent beauty, strength and love – a combination that we think sums up mums rather well. And of course they make a stunning display.

Orchids say: ‘I wouldn’t be the person I am without you’



Like roses, lilies can say many things – from the calla lily which represents beauty and magnificence to the tiger lily which symbolises strength and confidence. But whichever lily you choose, all lilies signify devotion in one form or another, making them a fool-proof flower for Mother’s Day (and they smell lovely too).

Lilies say: ‘Whenever you need me, I’ll be here’



Delicate freesias (those gorgeous soft petals always make us feel a bit dreamy!) are a Mother’s Day favourite because they signify innocence, friendship and thoughtfulness.

Freesias say: ‘I’m always thinking of you’



Symbolising devotion and friendship, alstroemerias are a brilliant way to show your appreciation for a mum who’s also a best friend. Like the carnation, they’re a long-lasting bloom, and the range of pretty colours add depth and detail to a bouquet.

Alstroemerias say: ‘Our friendship is special’

The language of flowers is just one way to send a message with gorgeous blooms. We know sometimes it might just be a feeling, a memory or a sentiment you want to communicateyou’re not sure how to express it, our florists can help. They’ll focus on all the little details to make sure your blooms say everything you need them to, and more.


And while we’re talking about magnificent ladies...

Don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day - Sunday 10th March! We’re ready to celebrate mothers of all kinds with gorgeous blooms.