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We don’t just love delivering gorgeous flowers, we love styling them, decorating them and making all things floral. From drying flowers, to flower crowns, we’ve guides on getting crafty with your blooms and advice on making them look picture perfect.



When you display your bouquet you should always pay attention to location – keep your blooms away from heat sources and direct sunlight (and out of reach of furry friends just to be safe) to keep them looking fresh and fabulous.

Choosing a vase can also have a big effect on how your flowers look. The perfect vase can make a gorgeous bouquet look almost magical, so we've put together a handy guide on how to choose the perfect vase for your flowers.


Flowers in a Vase

Choose one of our gorgeous bouquets from our flowers in a vase collection, so the lucky recipient can pop them on the coffee table and enjoy them straight away.

Decorations and crafts for parties

Want to bring a little homemade flower power to your ‘do? We can definitely help with that. First though, you might want to check out this year’s top decorating trends.

Ready to get crafting? Here are some of our top guides.


Decorate for a garden party

From choosing what goes on the table to making sure everyone’s comfy, Maxine from the We Love Home blog shares her top tips for garden party magic.


Make hen do flower crowns

Queens should be dressed accordingly! Learn how to make gorgeous flower crowns with just a few simple tools.


Sip floral summer cocktails

Summer means it’s time to enjoy stunning blooms, sometimes in liquid form! Cool off with these delicious cocktails (that can in fact be made year round).

Crafts for a rainy day

Or a sunny one really! We like crafting in all weathers. From terrariums to paper flowers, here are some easy crafty activities that will leave you with something beautiful.

Paper flowers 2

Paper flowers

No need to change the water with these blooms! Craft pretty petals in paper with this soothing craft


Make a terrarium

Create your own beautiful little eco-system. All you need is some soil, succulents, and a few other bits and bobs.

Preserving your bouquet

Not quite ready to say goodbye to your blooms? We don’t blame you. Giving them a new purpose can have beautiful results and help the planet by creating less waste. Check out our guides for transforming your flowers into something special.



After nearly a hundred years delivering gorgeous flowers, we’ve seen what a mood booster they can be. If you need a pick me up, we’re here to help, with all sorts of wellbeing resources.


Flower Trends

We spoke to our expert florists, who always have one eye on the latest trends and styles, to find out this year's flower trends.

Canva - Woman Wearing White Wedding Gown


Need inspiration for your wedding? We’ve got it all covered, from wedding bouquet designs, venue decoration and even edible flowers.