Spook-tacular Halloween Flowers

  • Interflora

Halloween, with all its spine-chilling glory, is just around the corner and we’re as excited as the kids.

So what is it about this unofficial holiday we love so much? Perhaps it’s the sense of community spirit that brings neighbours and trick-or-treaters together. Perhaps it’s the artistic license that Halloween grants us to be whoever or whatever we want to be. Maybe it’s just the excuse to get together with family and friends.

Whatever your reason for celebrating Halloween, nothing sets the scene better than bewitching flowers. This gorgeous cauldron design from our Autumn Collection is not only perfect for gifting, it makes an attractive party centrepiece too. The exquisite orange roses in bright, flaming orange are beautifully contrasted with lime green berries and spiky ferns dipped in black glitter. It’s a super fun gift that is sure to make them howl with ghoulish glee.

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