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Seasonal Wedding Flowers

23rd August, 2021

Choosing flowers that are in season and readily available can not only help you make your wedding flower budget go further but it also means the varieties you choose will be at their most naturally beautiful too. But what flowers are available in which season?

Check out our list below which we’ve compiled with the help of our expert florists.

Spring Flowers


Two iconic spring flowers; hyacinths and muscari make this wedding bouquet a real celebration of the season.


Pink Sweet Peas bring a delicate, feminine touch to this pretty bridal bouquet.

Types of Spring Flowers for Weddings


A gorgeous flower for a spring wedding. Anemones look their best in natural tied posies but can also be used for buttonholes and corsages too. Available September-May (Peaks December- April)


An old fashioned garden flower perfect for a late spring wedding. It would look very pretty in natural country styled posies but may be lost in larger arrangements. Available April-May


Very suitable for spring and summer weddings and a good choice for brides going for a natural look. Can be used in bouquets, arrangements, corsages and buttonholes.
Available March-November (Peaks May-October)


The delicate, highly scented narcissi are perfect for seasonal spring wedding bouquets and arrangements. Simple vases filled with cheerful daffodils are an inexpensive and charming way to decorate tables.
Available November-May (Peaks January-March)

Lily of the Valley

The wedding flower favoured by royal brides, Lily of the Valley is a beautiful and dainty addition to hand-held bouquets. It has a beautiful sweet fragrance too.
Available March-May


One of the few tall spring flowers, forsythia is indispensable for large impressive arrangements in churches and venues. Great for adding stature and height to table designs.
Available November-April (Peaks January-March)


The slim, arching branches of genista are perfect for adding line to spring bouquets and vase designs. They are so light they will sway gently when carried giving a subtle hint of movement.
Available January-April


This highly fragrant flower is a must for spring weddings. Available in delicate shades of blue, pink, lilac and white and cream.
Available November-May


Lavender must be the epitome of vintage chic when grouped in tied posies or arranged in natural table designs. Fresh lavender will add texture and depth to spring flowers as well as extra fragrance.
Available March-May


One of the few tall spring flowers, lilac can be added to vase or pedestal arrangements to add height and impact. Its frothy flowers and sweet smell also enhance bridal bouquets and posies for the bridesmaids. Great for vintage styling.
Available October-June (Peaks December-April)


Such a pretty, delicate flower would be impossible to ignore when choosing flowers for a spring bride. Perfect for tied posies and for simple, vintage-style table arrangements.
Available January-June (Peaks February-April)


One of the loveliest spring flowers, the ranunculus is available in a wide spectrum of colours. Its delicate, papery flowers look wonderful in hand-tied bouquets and arrangements. They also make great buttonholes too.
Available October-June (Peaks December-May)

Sweet Williams

An old-fashioned cottage garden favourite with pretty fringed petals. Not a commonly used wedding flower but would be ideal for brides looking to embrace the vintage trend.
Available April-June

Sweet Pea

The soft texture and sweet fragrance of sweet peas make them a very popular bridal flower. They are perfect for tied posies.
Available March-August (Peaks April-July)


A popular bridal flower, equally gorgeous when grouped as a tied posy or combined with other late winter / spring flowers. Tulips also make great table decorations if arranged in simple containers- but bear in mind that they will continue to move and grow after being cut.
Available October-June (Peaks December-April)


Viburnum is a wonderful flower for weddings, particularly in hand-held bouquets where it will add a fluffy texture and lightness. Looks particularly lovely when contrasted with vivid spring flowers.
Available November-June (Peaks January-May)

Summer Flowers


Flower crowns are a must have accessory for summer brides. This design reflects the best of the season and features beautiful peonies and hydrangea.


Popular wedding flower peonies take centre stage in this stunning shower bouquet where they have been complemented with roses and astrantia.

Types of Summer Wedding Flowers


A smaller headed agapanthus could be used for bridal bouquets whilst their larger headed counterparts look wonderful in arrangements as they are dramatic and unusual. The perfect summer wedding flower.
Available January-December


Although available all year round, the delicate shape and pastel shades of asters make them ideal summer wedding flowers.
Available All Year Round


Despite its fragile appearance, astilbe is a sturdy flower and will add a touch of country chic to arrangements and bouquets. A pretty, delicate flower for summer weddings.
Available April-November (Peaks June-October)


A very pretty and delicate flower suitable for spring and summer weddings and a good choice for brides going for a natural look. Can be used in bouquets, arrangements, corsages and buttonholes.
Available March-November (Peaks May-October)


The delicate shades of the campanula would complement a pastel colour scheme and would be perfect for an extravagant floral summer wedding.
Avialble April-September


A gorgeous summer wedding flower, particularly for brides looking for a very natural vintage style. Used in hand-tied bouquets they will complement soft pink and pastel shades.
Available May-October


An old-fashioned garden flower which is enjoying something of a renaissance. This flower should be high on the agenda for brides planning a late summer or autumn wedding and looking to include British-grown stems.
Available July-November

Daucus (Queen Anne’s Lace)

A pretty flower in an unusual shade of pink which would coordinate well with other summer flowers suck as peonies and stocks. Its wild hedgerow look would be perfect for a bride looking for a natural, informal style.
Available February-December


A beautiful and stately cottage garden favourite and one of the few, true blue, tall flowers commonly available. Delphiniums are a truly impressive choice for summer weddings and look fabulous in large, showy arrangements.
Available April-November (Peaks June-October)


More commonly recognised as a wild flower, the tall spikes of foxgloves are synonymous with summer. They make a wonderful choice for large impressive pedestal arrangements when arranged en masse.
Available June-July


Characterised by large funnel-shaped flowers on tall, slim stems, gladioli are a late summer/early autumn classic. A great choice for large pedestal arrangements or any wedding design that needs impact.
Available May-November (Peaks July-October)


A fabulous flower for weddings, adding a touch of vintage glamour to bridal bouquets, table designs and large arrangements. The delicate blue and pink varieties are ideal for summer weddings.
Available February-December (Peaks May-October)


Larkspur is perfect for brides looking for a pretty, summer wedding flower. Its delicate linear form makes it ideal for shower bouquets.
Available June-October (Peaks June-August)


A pretty flower for a wedding with a soft colour palette that would add a gentle contrast to delicate pinks and creams and a romantic wispiness to bridal bouquets and table designs.
Available April-October


Its similarity to the rose in full bloom makes the peony a much sought after wedding flower. Wonderful in tied posies and vase designs, the peony will add a touch of stately home elegance to your wedding day.
Available February-July (Peaks April-June)


Everything about the soft colour palette and sweet fragrance of stocks says ‘wedding flower’. Perfect for hand held posies and vase designs.
Available January- August (Peaks March-July)


Striking and individual in appearance, sunflowers are a very personal choice of wedding flower. The smaller headed varieties will add a dash of colour to hand held bouquets while their taller relations look impressive arranged with strong foliage to show off their beauty.
Available May-October


A perfect flower for a summer bride looking for soft pastel shades. The scabiosa complements creamy whites, greens and pink tones just beautifully.
Available May-November (Peaks June-October)


As these flowers are closely associated with summer gardens they are ideal for the bride who wants to achieve that ‘just picked’ look. They will add a splash of cheerful colour to hand-held bouquets and arrangements
Available May-October (Peaks July-September)

Autumn Flowers


The leucospermum flower takes centre stage in this harvest themed bouquet perfect for an autumn wedding.


Calla lilies make a wonderful choice for the autumn bride as their deep burgundy or orange shades can be matched to a seasonal colour theme.

Types of Autumn Wedding Flowers

Calla Lily

This elegant flower is a popular choice for bridal bouquets and venue designs. They can also be used to create stylish buttonholes and corsages. Available All year round (Peaks April-October)


A rich, unusual violet-coloured berry which would look very effective contrasted against red and orange flowers. Perfect for autumn or winter berries. Available Peaks September-November


The rich colours of callistephus will add warmth and charm to autumn weddings. Perfect for hand-tied posies. Available April-September


The rich colours of celosia will add vibrancy and texture to wedding designs. A good choice for autumn brides, these flowers look wonderful when grouped with berries and similarly coloured flowers and foliage.
Available April - November (Peaks May-September)


An unusual and beautiful choice for bridal designs, its trailing habit making it perfect for shower bouquets in particular. Works fantastically well for late summer or autumn weddings.
Available All year round (Peaks September-January)


A lovely natural flower for autumn weddings owing to its fiery colour combination or orange, red and gold. Its slim, curved flower stem will provide an attractive contrast to fuller flowers such as roses and dahlias.
Available July-October


An old-fashioned garden flower which is enjoying something of a renaissance. This flower should be high on the agenda for brides planning a late summer or autumn wedding and looking to include British-grown stems.
Available July-November

Echinops (Globe Thistle)

A perfect ball-shaped head of tiny star-shaped flowers with a spiky appearance. Echinops are wonderful for adding texture to bridal designs and co-ordinate well with most late summer and autumn colour schemes.
Available May-October


A fabulous flower for weddings, adding a touch of vintage glamour to bridal bouquets, table designs and large arrangements. The richer green and burgundy varieties are ideal for the autumn.
Available February-December (Peaks May-October)


Very useful for adding depth and a touch of autumn seasonality to bridal work. Hypericum will also complement larger-headed flowers such as roses and carnations.
Available All year round


Physalis has mid-green heart-shaped leaves with a lantern like flower head. Stems of this beautiful flower would look well in large arrangements. You can also scatter the flower heads on your tables to create a real seasonal feel for an autumn wedding. Great for Halloween as well!
Available July-November (Peaks August-October)


Leucospermum provides colour and texture to autumn bouquets and arrangements.
Available All year round


Sedum is lovely for autumn weddings. Use in bouquets, vase arrangements and to finish off buttonholes and corsages.
Available June-November (Peaks July-October)

Winter Flowers


Representing ‘marital happiness’ the fragrant stephanotis flower makes a wonderful addition to a winter wedding bouquet.


This pretty bridesmaid pomander features seasonal hellebores and brightly coloured flowers for a contemporary twist on Christmas weddings.

Types of Winter Wedding Flowers


This stunning flower would be fantastic for winter and Christmas weddings. Display in venue and church arrangements with bold flowers such as chrysanthemum blooms or choose them as a standalone statement centrepiece.
Available September-April

Globe Artichoke

An impressive sculptural flower similar to a giant thistle. Adds a touch of Victorian opulence to venue designs.
Available February-November


Hellebores are a perfect winter wedding flower, contrasting beautifully with burgundy flowers and deep green foliage.
Available November-May


A must for any bride getting married over the festive season, for not only does ilex give that essential seasonal touch to designs, it can add a splash of vibrant colour and shiny texture to bouquets and arrangements.
Available October-December


The deep green and red of skimmia really does lend itself to a Christmas wedding. It looks particularly pretty when arranged with seasonal berries and other textural flowers.
Available September-June (Peaks September-March)


Meaning ‘marital happiness’, the stephanotis flower brings a touch of old-fashioned glamour to bridal bouquets. Works wonderfully well for winter weddings when contrasted by rich reds and dark green foliage.
Available June-December

Wax Flower

The delicate appearance and soft shades of wax flower make it ideal for softening the shape of posies. Not dissimilar in appearance to rosemary it would be a useful flower for brides who are looking for a combination of flowers and herbs.
Available October-May (Peaks November-April)


All Year Round Wedding Flowers


Perfect for a contemporary or tropical wedding. The smaller varieties make eye catching buttonholes while the larger types look impressive in arrangements and vase designs.


A very pretty wedding flower which will add a soft, feminine touch to both hand-tied posies and vase designs.

Chrysanthemums - Bloom and Spray varieties

The Bloom variety makes a showy and flamboyant choice for church or cathedral weddings whilst the spray variety should not be underestimated for its versatility and value in church and reception arrangements. The single white spray chrysanthemum are a useful substitute for brides looking for daisies in their bouquets.


Consisting of a solid, single globe of tightly packed flowers, the craspedia lends itself to modern, structured designs and will add a splash of colour to your arrangements.

Cymbidium orchid

An almost faultless wedding flower for bridal bouquets, table centrepieces and corsages. Stylish and sophisticated.

Dendrobium orchid

A very pretty and popular orchid with arching sprays of small, delicate star shaped flowers with a waxy appearance. Lends itself well to shower bouquets because of its trailing habit but are also ideal for corsages.

Dianthus (Carnations) - Standard and Spray varieties

One of the world’s best-selling cut flowers, available in a wide spectrum of colours. A popular ‘filler’ flower for wedding designs due to their affordability, carnations also make excellent buttonholes too as they are extremely versatile and last well.


Often mistaken for a thistle, eryngium is a popular garden plant with attractive blue/grey foliage. A useful substitute for thistle in weddings with a Scottish theme, eryngium makes great buttonholes and looks great with a kilt! Complements deep red and cream colour schemes.

Eucharis (Amazon Lily)

A dainty and elegant flower, the eucharis is a lovely addition to venue and church arrangements.

Eustoma (Lisianthus)

Its range of soft colours and delicate appearance makes the lisianthus a very versatile wedding flower. The rose-like blooms look wonderful in hand-tied posies or shower bouquets.


A popular, highly fragrant flower, which, despite its delicate appearance, is strong enough to use in arrangements and shower bouquets. Freesia’s curved stems will add a lovely line to tied posies.


Its simple daisy shape and bold colours have made the gerbera a modern day classic for brides who want a more informal style of wedding flower. Whether carried as a cheerful posy or arranged individually in vases, gerbera make a striking focal flower and are available in a wide array of colours to suit almost every colour scheme.


These amazing flowers would be the stars of any wedding with a tropical, colourful theme. They look superb tumbling out of a shower bouquet and if teamed with orchids and anthuriums.


For a true fairy tale wedding, a bouquet of gypsophilia would have just the right balance of romance and delicacy. It will also bring a touch of feminine softness when added to bridal bouquets.


A striking and impressive tropical flower, the heliconia is perfect for modern weddings taking place in a contemporary setting.


Lilies look fabulous in large, showy bouquets and are equally impressive in vase designs and arrangements. Choose unscented varieties if anyone in the bridal party suffers from hay fever.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

An elegant and distinctive choice, equally beautiful in structured designs or looser, cascading bouquets. Individual orchid heads make striking buttonholes and corsages.


The rose really has everything a bride could ever wish for- style, elegance and fragrance. Whether as a simple, single buttonhole or part of an elaborate bouquet, the rose is an enduring and deservedly popular choice for wedding flowers.


An exciting flower to use for a wedding, strelitzia would look magnificent in large arrangements especially with other similarly bold and vibrant flowers.

Vanda Orchid

An unusual orchid whose strong colour and form creates individual and striking bridal bouquets. A truly striking flower for buttonholes and corsages.


An excellent choice of flower for adding line and contrast to tied posies and table designs. Pink veronica look gorgeous for summer weddings whilst the bolder purple shades look wonderful for autumnal weddings.